Rental Policy

  • Signed Riverview Club rental Agreement, payment of Rental Fee in full, payment of applicable sales tax, certificate of insurance and payment of Security Deposit in full are required 90 days prior to the Event Date.

  • Renter is required to provide certificate of liability insurance showing limits of $1,000,000.00 for bodily injury and property damage, naming St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation and its Board of Directors as additional insured. Renter is required to provide a written copy of this certificate of insurance as required by the terms of the rental agreement and failure to provide the Certificate of Insurance is grounds for cancellation of the Riverview Club Rental Agreement. The Riverview Club Rental Agreement may be terminated for failure to timely provide proof of insurance coverage (the Rental Agreement is binding but subject to being cancelled and Security Deposit forfeited if not provided 10 days prior to the Event Date).

  • Ladders, tools and other equipment needed for the Event must be supplied by the Renter or the Renter’s Vendors.

  • Should services of a decorator or florist be employed, it is the responsibility of the decorator to remove all decorations from the club immediately following the event. Services are permitted for table decoration and free standing displays only.

  • Nothing may be tied, hung or stuck to the walls, ceilings or any permanent structure.

  • Artificial flower petals are not permitted outside.  Please opt for a biodegradable option such as blowing bubbles, releasing of butterflies or bird seed.

  • Open flame, smoke machines, glitter, confetti and sparklers are not permitted at the Riverview Club.

  • Candles in enclosed containers are permitted.

  • All rental materials are to be delivered the day of the event and picked up the same evening.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the Riverview Club or within fifty feet of any doorway.

  • Breakdown must be complete no later than midnight unless previously noted and agreed upon by the Riverview Club.

  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in loss of your damage deposit.


  • Vendors cannot drag equipment across the floor. Hand trucks must have rubber wheels.

  • A point person from the party must be designated for the deliveries and the name given to the Riverview Staff.

  • Rentals must not impede visitor walkways or disable handicap accessible ramps at any time.

  • Caterers are responsible for removing all garbage, debris and equipment by the end of the event. Should the Renters caterer fail to do so, the Riverview Club may have these items removed and deduct the cost from the Renter’s Security Deposit.

  • Renter is responsible for sharing these policies with their Vendors.

  • All entertainment groups must supply their own power cords, gaffing tape to secure power lines, tables, chairs and any other supplies that they may need to perform.

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